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Thank you for stopping by. Pretty Poison is now available at
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   Pretty Poison opens in a small New Hampshire town where Linda Wilson lives before embarking on a life-changing ocean adventure. She is a plump young woman who is rejected by her peers, but discovers courage, strength and grace through a series of horrific events on a tumultuous path toward triumph. 
   Her powerful journey begins when a prank goes wrong and kills a prestigious student. The town blames Linda for his death while all evidence points to Linda's long-time adversary. Suddenly, Linda's father is stricken dead from a stress-induced heart attack, thrusting her into a world of vengeance where she vows to destroy all those responsible for the double tragedy. 
   To escape the hateful landscape of her hometown, she accepts a crew position on a yacht where she plans to finalize her merciless schemes of revenge. By the time Linda arrives in San Diego, she has lost forty-five pounds and blossoms into a beautiful woman, capturing the heart of, Mike Hunter, the first mate. An evil band of pirates seize the yacht and toss Mike and the others off ship and onto a sinking boat. Only Linda is spared as the heinous men know not of her existence below deck. Scared and alone, she launches an assault against the marauders in hopes to save her friends. After the attack at sea, Linda returns home to spin her vengeful web and when her guests of honor arrive, she makes a startling discovery; things aren't always as they seem!  
   Come away with Linda as she conquers her monsters inside this romantic tale, laced with suspense and intrigue.


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